Global Partnerships in the Epidemiology of Developmental Disabilities (GPEDD)

Mission Statement

The mission of GPEDD is to promote new population-based knowledge of the occurrence, characteristics, risk and protective factors for developmental disabilities in children and across the lifespan in order to enhance opportunities for prevention, reduce adverse impacts, and improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and their communities.  GPEDD has chosen to create this website to provide information that can be used to screen and diagnose individuals, understand these conditions and how they affect communities across the world, especially in low resource countries.

GPEDD’s signature project is a website for free and easily accessible screening and diagnostic instruments, These instruments are often sold under a per-use license, which can become prohibitively expensive.  GPEDD identified this project as a much needed first step in assisting researchers around the world fulfill the mission of GPEDD working collaboratively with others with similar goals.